Create a mutual non-disclosure agreement in two minutes.

May 9, 2021

Non-disclosure agreements — (“NDA’s”) — are absolutely critical in many situations.  One of those is when potential founders discuss business ideas with potential co-founders.  NDA’s should also be in place whenever you’re negotiating a business relationship in which you might divulge any sensitive information about your business.  That includes talking to potential investors, bringing on new employees, and even (in some circumstances) negotiations with vendors and customers.  They’re particularly important as one step in many that you must take for protecting trade secrets: if you don’t take protecting your trade secrets very seriously, courts just won’t protect them.

We've created a handy tool that allows you to generate a mutual NDA pretty quickly. Just enter some information about hte parties and tell us which state's law should govern the agreement, and it's ready to sign. It's similar (in its simplicity) to the contract apps we build for our clients, but without the instant digital signature feature.